The First Selca BTS’s Jimin Posted To Twitter Proves He Just Keeps Getting More Handsome

He went from mochi to masculine.

Almost half a year after debut in 2013, Jimin posted his first selca of himself holding a drink to BTS‘s official twitter page.


He had posed with an adorable smile and the signature chubby cheeks that earned him the nickname “mochi.”

His youth gave him an adorable charm that made him handsome in a completely different way than the charm he has today.

This is the most recent selca Jimin has shared to twitter and the difference between this and his first is drastic. His chubby cheeks have been replaced with sharper angles and age has made him look handsome in a masculine way.

There’s no doubt Jimin has always been handsome, but he’s been able to evolve his charms over the years to reach different levels of handsome. Do you prefer mochi Jimin or masculine Jimin? They’re both great choices.