Here’s The First Things That Come To Mind When GOT7’s Youngjae Thinks Of The Members

He couldn’t stop talking about them!

Just because GOT7 members are all focusing on solo projects at this moment does not mean in any way that GOT7 are not still a group!

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Anytime they do solo promotions, the members introduce themselves as they always did and mention their group, reminding everyone that GOT7 is forever! Youngjae‘s recent interviews are no exception.


He was interviewed by the Thai YouTube channel sudsapda tv since he will be featured in Sudsapda Collectible Issue November 2021. He began the interview, introducing himself as “GOT7’s Youngjae.”

He was asked to describe himself in three words. As requested of him, he kept it simple, mentioning the three things that matter most to him.

Parents, Youngjae, and GOT7.

— Youngjae

Of course, by mentioning GOT7, the next question focused on the group. He was then asked what’s the first things that come to mind when he thinks of the group are, and his response couldn’t have been more heartwarming!

Ahgase, 7 persons, and winter… Because we debuted in winter.

— Youngjae

The interviewer then asked, “Speaking of GOT7 member, what is the first thing you will think about them one by one?” First, he thought of Jay B naturally since he’s the leader. Of course, that too was his response!

Jaebeom is the leader.

— Youngjae

For Mark Tuan, it was perhaps a bit more surprising first thought. Youngjae referred to his nationality!

Mark is American.

— Youngjae

Jinyoung, of course, is very multitalented (as are all of the GOT7 members). Still, Jinyoung has been focusing on acting, which is something he and Youngjae have in common.

Jinyoung is an actor.

— Youngjae

Everyone is busy right now more than ever. Someone who has never taken a break from the grind is Jackson Wang as he is not only a member of GOT7 but has been songwriting, producing, directing, you name it for years now as a solo artist. He’s also the founder of his own record label TEAM WANG. He even launched a fashion collection!

Jackson is a businessman.

— Youngjae

As for BamBam and Yugyeom, while they’ve grown a lot over the years, it’s clear that, to Youngjae, they’ll always be the group’s maknaes!

BamBam is a cutie one. Yugyeom is the maknae!

— Youngjae

It’s without question GOT7 is forever!

Watch the interview below:

Source: sudsapda tv


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