The Floor Marks Prove Just How Hard BTS Practices For Their Fans

Their hard work has paid off.

BTS, who is currently in L.A. preparing for their comeback stage on the James Corden‘s The Late Late Show, Big Hit Entertainment posted photos of the group practicing through their official Instagram. While fans were excited to see real-time photos of the boys, some fans couldn’t help but notice the floor in the photos revealed.

This photo was posted on January 19 and the floor they are practicing on seems quite clean.


Just one day after, they released more photos from their dance practice. The floor was covered in skid marks from their shoes.


Here’s a closer look at the floor:





Fans are truly touched at how hard the boy’s work for their performances.


“It’s crazy how they can even walk around practicing like that…a normal person could not do what they do.”


“I heard they live with knee pain and blisters on their feet…I feel so bad for them.”

“This truly shows that you can only succeed through blood, sweat, and tears.”

“They don’t have a single dance that’s easy. At least they got to have a long break last year. They are probably going to work super hard for this comeback. I also heard they don’t leave the practice room until 8 PM.”


Although fans are excited for their comeback, they also hope that they will take care of themselves and be healthy as well.