Fly to the Sky’s Brian Reveals He Hasn’t Dated In 13 Years Due To His Past Relationship

It’s heartbreaking.

Fly to the Sky‘s Brian recently appeared on Dating guru where he opened up on his traumatizing past relationship.

Many know that the dating life of Korean celebrities is often kept private so it’s hard to know when one of them is dating. While many have had secret relationships that they announce later, Brian revealed he actually hasn’t been in a relationship in 13 years.

The last time I dated was thirteen years ago. I think I’m not able to date because I haven’t dated for a long time.

— Brian

I had a girlfriend right following right after my debut but she was dating a different singer while seeing me. I didn’t know and that singer’s group member told me, so we broke up. That member who told me felt bad and apologized to me.

— Brian

Brian continued and explained why he hasn’t gotten back into the dating game after so long and it’s quite heartbreaking.

I developed some trauma because of that and I wondered if I would be able to find true love.

— Brian

The fortune-teller informed Brian that, while he has some high standards for people, true love is possible!

You have an intriguing fortune. You have a thorough and high standard for people, whether they be a man or woman. So it’s very difficult for anyone to walk into your boundaries. There is a big chance that you might meet a foreign woman rather than a Korean one.

— Brian

The episode is scheduled to air on July 20. Check out the preview below:

Source: Wiki Tree