FNC Entertainment signs a contract with Netflix for upcoming dramas

FNC Entertainment has decided to take on a new method to reach their global audience by signing a contract with global media streaming platform, Netflix.

Recently, FNC Entertainment agreed to air their drama “My Only Love Song” on Netflix, making it accessible worldwide (except for China). Due to complications with China’s platform, the original date for the drama to air in China in February was bypassed for the contract with Netflix.

The president of FNC Entertainment Adculture, An Seok Jun, released a statement on the reasoning for their strategy.

“This contract with Netflix will introduce our dramas to the global market and will create new opportunities for us.”

– An Seok Jun

Netflix has over 90 million subscribers in more than 190 countries, this is indeed a step in the right direction to enter the global market. FNC Entertainment revealed that they also plan to add the weekly drama Sister is Alive to their lineup and has told their audiences to anticipate their efforts of 2017.

Source: Osen