FNC Under Fire For Overworking SF9’s Rowoon Despite Announcing His Hiatus For Back Injury

Fans want them to take better care of their artists.

Recently fans have been quite disappointed with the way FNC Entertainment has been treating their artists, specifically SF9’s Rowoon. Previously, FNC posted a statement on July 17 revealing that Rowoon had back and knee pain and would be taking a hiatus to work on his health. They stated, “Our artists’ health always comes first and we will work hard to make sure that he gains his heath back quickly.”

But just one day after the announcement was posted, news was reported that SF9 as a whole would be making an appearance on a home shopping show on July 20.

Fans sent in complaints about this schedule but they went ahead with the activity anyway. The staff even made the mistake of airing a part of the set that showed Rowoon walking on crutches.

Fans sent in comments to the show asking about Rowoon and the crutches, but the staff’s response was “Everyone…please don’t post about Rowoon being hurt please! We trust you guys!”

| CJ ENM’s Home Shopping Network

They even made him tell the fans that he was alright through the prompter.

Fans were angry at the fact that they made Rowoon, someone who has back pain, sit on a hard chair through an hour broadcast at that started at 1 AM.

This wasn’t the only schedule that Rowoon had after the announcement that he would be taking a hiatus. Two days after the hiatus announcement, Rowoon participated in all the video call fan sign meetings.

Rowoon, who could see that fans were upset, left a message through the fan café to let fans know that he was alright.

How have you all been? I am feeling much better thanks to all your worries and support! Have a good lunch and have a happy day!

| SF9 Fan Cafe

During one fan’s video call, he stated that with his upcoming drama schedule starting in August, he revealed that he would like to rest on his birthday.

But one day later, FNC announced that they would be holding their SF9 eighth mini album [9loryUS] VIDEO CALL EVENT on August 7, which is his birthday.

Fans couldn’t believe that FNC continued to make Rowoon go through with all these schedules regardless of posting a hiatus announcement. The most recent video call event on Rowoon’s birthday was a schedule that he didn’t even know about until the post was revealed online. Fans hope that FNC will take care better care of their artists instead of bombarding them with schedules regardless of their injuries.

Source: theqoo