Fact Check: Foo Fighters Album Includes Photocards

Would you buy it?

K-Pop is known for its unique inclusions with its albums, while Western artists typically only include a CD and a small booklet, including discography and credits.

So, K-Pop fans were shocked to see that the American rock band Foo Fighters album included photocards… Or did it?

Foo Fighters

K-Pop shop owner Chesca (@chescahaeyo on TikTok) shared a video of shopping in Target. They showed the few K-Pop albums Target had in stock only to reveal that a Foo Fighters album unexpectedly had an exclusive sticker, claiming that it was one of several versions and included a photocard.

What? Foo Fighters have photocards now?

— Chesca


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♬ Everlong – Foo Fighters

The video went viral on TikTok with 138.5K views and 30.5K likes at the time of writing. Netizens were shocked but low-key excited about the possibility of a Foo Fighters photocard. Some wished their other favorite bands would take note. And we were all waiting for a photocard reveal…

| @chescahaeyo/TikTok

…that we never got. The reason the OP (Original Poster) never probably gave us an unboxing or photocard reveal is that it wasn’t legit. Other K-Pop fans pointed out the similarity of the sticker on the Foo Fighters album to that of ATEEZ‘s recent album The World EP.2:Outlaw Digipak Version.


Can you spot the difference in stickers? We can’t. Besides, it appeared only one Foo Fighters album had the sticker.

| Target

If you look at the Foo Fighters album, But Here We Are, on Target’s website, no Target-exclusive version is available either.


However, Foo Fighters have had Target-exclusive albums before. Medicine At Midnight included a band photo and alternate embossed cover art when bought at Target.


So, the idea of a Foo Fighters exclusive at Target, including photocards, was not that unbelievable!

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