Food May Be The Single Best Way To Get MONSTA X Shownu’s Attention And Cooperation

Feed the man! Feed him well!

In a recent interview with BEAUTY+, MONSTA X‘s Shownu sat down and talked about some of his most wide-spread misconceptions. Thanks to the interview, Monbebes got to know Shownu tremendously better. But of all the things Monbebes learned about Shownu, they realized this one thing to be an ultimate and unchanging fact: Shownu loves food and it really really shows!


Throughout the interview, Shownu is seen snacking away. BEAUTY+ kept Shownu well fed and happy! Monbebes are playfully saying it’s no wonder Shownu was so cooperative and talkative throughout the interview; He had his nom noms!


When Shownu had to choose between food and sleep, Shownu actually picked sleep.


But seeing from the way he gulped down that kiwi, Monbebes are pretty sure he meant food!

This kiwi is so good! Sleep is more important, if you think about it…

— Shownu


Shownu did admit, he gets hangry when he isn’t fed in a timely manner. Looks like BEAUTY+ was smart to have the fruits ready for Shownu the Hungry Bear!

When I’m extremely hungry, then yes. I get kind of sensitive.

— Shownu


Upon watching the interview, Monbebes are commenting that Shownu’s “best behavior” can be expected when and where there is food!

See? Feeding Shownu while he’s at work means quality content like this. Look how happy he is and how comfortable he is. What a pleasure to see! Please keep our Shownu happy by providing good snacks as work perks!

— Netizen


That is to say, Monbebes know how much Shownu loves to eat. He actually has his own mukbang series on YouTube that showcase the passion for all kinds of food:


So it seems food is, regardless of what he says, the main key to Shownu’s heart. Interviewers, take note! Shownu will eat that, whatever is prepared as his munchies.


Watch the full interview here: