The Food MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Carries In His Bag Had Everyone Cracking Up

Comedy King Hyungwon is back at it again—even making himself laugh 😂

In the middle of MONSTA X‘s interview with Music Bank hosts TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin, the group shared some TMI for viewers. When it was Hyungwon‘s turn, he had everyone cracking up with the unexpected route his answer took.

After Joohoney shared his favorite nickname to be called, Soobin moved onto Hyungwon. He switched gears by asking what item Hyungwon can’t go without keeping in his bag. Rather than naming something typical like his wallet, he hilariously came from out of left field with his response.

Taking only a brief moment to think through his options, Hyungwon confidently revealed, “Chicken breast.Kihyun‘s reaction said it all. His smile turned into one of confusion as he processed the unexpected answer. The other members were quick to show how amused they were, though.

As Hyungwon kept himself from bursting into laughter, the rest of them let it out. Minhyuk, Kihyun, I.M, and Shownu were smiling as well. In fact, Soobin even fought back a chuckle before moving onto his question for Shownu.

Even when Shownu was answering the next question, none of them could keep a straight face. I.M had to lean on Shownu for laughing so hard while Kihyun kept laughed along. Shownu was even smiling as he spoke into his microphone.

When it comes to making his members and Monbebes laugh, Hyungwon doesn’t even have to try to deliver gems like this.

See Hyungwon show off his natural comedian skills with the go-to food he needs on him at all times.


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