Footage of TWICE Jihyo Hitting G-Friend Yerin Has Resurfaced

A GIF of TWICE‘s Jihyo repeatedly hitting G-Friend‘s Yerin in the stomach is going viral.

While enjoying themselves during the 2017 Idol Star Athletic Championships, Jihyo and Yerin decided to do a little play fighting. The now-viral GIF shows Jihyo gently striking Yerin in the stomach, and Yerin reacting to the hits in dramatic fashion.


Jihyo’s hits may be gentle, but Yerin reacts like her hits were very hard!

In the past,  the members of TWICE have also been spotted interacting with other girl groups such as BLACKPINK, and Red Velvet, proving that they’re one of the friendliest young idol groups in the industry. 

Check out more adorable GIFs that is going viral and more below:

TWICE showing their hilarious robot dance to GFriend.


TWICE and G-Friend reuniting on Weekly Idol is absolutely adorable! 


They can always find away to socialize with each other, and ISAC is the perfect place to bond with other idols.