Foreign Couple Falls To Their Death While Kissing On Rooftop In Seoul, South Korea

On May 8th, a foreign couple was reported to have fallen to their deaths while kissing on a roof of a building.

According to reports, the couple fell off the rooftop of a three-story building in Itaewon, Seoul at around 2am. The couple, identified as a 31-year old male of American nationality and 26-year old female of South African nationality, had been living in that building for a few years.

Witnesses reveal that the man and woman had been kissing on the rooftop before they fell. The woman fell first with the man attempting to save her before getting pulled down as well.

Though the couple was immediately transported to the hospital, they died soon afterwards.

Police reports that the possibility of their deaths being a murder (that someone pushed the couple off the roof) is unlikely based on the witnesses’ statements, though they are still investigating the exact cause of death.

Source: SBS