Foreign Guest On Hyori’s Homestay Plays Dangerous Age-Guessing Game With Yoona & Lee Hyori

There are only two things you never ask a woman, her weight, and her age.

Meet Jackson, the first ever foreign guest on Hyori’s Homestay 2. 

He’s from the U.S. and doesn’t speak a lot of Korean. Despite this, Hyori, Yoona, Lee Sang Soon and the other guests made a valiant effort to communicate with him.


After he arrived, Yoona gave him a ride to a nearby restaurant which is when the “dangerous game” began.


Yoona asked for Jackson’s age, and she had him guess her age in return.


He said this could be dangerous and carefully answered with “21”.


Yoona totally loved it!

Eventually, she revealed she is 29 years old and made it clear that she is the noona.


Later on, during dinner time, Sang Soon asked if Jackson knew who Hyori was.

“I knew that she was a celebrity. I knew that you did singing and some TV show but…” — Jackson 


Hyori asked Jackson if he knew her age, and when he said no, she got him to guess again.

Jackson knew he was getting pulled into a dangerous game again.


Jackson guessed 38 years old and she replied with 40.

“I guess I don’t look that young.” — Hyori 


Hyori kept pushing the dangerous game and got him to guess her husband’s age.

“I think similar, I think he’s younger,” said Jackson to which Lee Hyori replied, “Younger? Than me?”


Lee Sang Soon himself then said that the game was getting too dangerous. Lee Hyori simply replied with “Fire” meaning she was angry, but it was all in good fun.

“Fire!” which translates into “I’m angry!” in Hyori’s English.


You can watch the “dangerous” game he played with Yoona and Hyori below.