Foreigners Are Charged More For Plastic Surgery In Korea Than Koreans

Seoul is the plastic surgery capital of the world…However, foreigners may want to hold off on booking a flight. 

Seoul is a very common place for patients hoping to have the plastic surgery of their dreams.

Seoul promotes perfect appearances and they have the amazing plastic surgery to back it up. 

With the rising demand of surgery, many people travel just to get plastic surgery.

However, being a foreigner aiming to get plastic surgery in Korea isn’t cheap. 

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In Korea, surgery clinics are charging foreigners higher than citizens.

According to Ilyo Shinmun, four out of ten clinics charged foreigners twice as much as locals. 

A breast augmentation may charge $5870 for locals, and $10,000 for foreigners.

The clinics reported the difference is because of services included, such as translations.

Due to the limited period of stay, they are given time sensitive, priority after-care appointments. 

Due to all these extra factors to accommodate foreigner customers, prices are definitely higher!

Source: KpopHerald