Former Second-Gen K-Pop Boy Group Member Stuns Netizens With His Striking Visuals

Fans may be seeing more of him soon!

A 2nd-gen K-Pop idol and former TEEN TOP member recently went viral on a popular Korean online community board as netizens expressed their disbelief with his handsome and unaging visuals in a new photo.

(From left to right) TEEN TOP’s Ricky, C.A.P, L.Joe, Niel, Chunji, and Changjo

L. Joe debuted with TEEN TOP in 2010 and actively promoted with them until his departure in 2017.

L. Joe was known for his smooth and powerful rap style, which earned him praise from fans and netizens alike.

He was also known for his fashion sense and was often praised for his unique style and colorful accessories.

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| Pinterest

In addition to his music career, L. Joe appeared in several K-Dramas and variety shows, showcasing his acting skills.

L. Joe left the group to focus on his career in acting, and as he transitioned from the stage to the screen his style became more classic and mature, fitting the image of an actor.

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L. Joe, who now promotes as Byung Hun, last appeared in a drama in 2020, leaving fans to wonder what he’s been up to.

Recently, he stunned netizens with a new photo showing his unaging visuals, and fans couldn’t help gushing over his handsome looks.

| Instiz
  • “I mean, he has a face that will look good in decades and decades. But still. I’m surprised by how good-looking he is…”
  • “Wow, he hasn’t changed a bit.”
  • “Whoa, I was just listening to a TEEN TOP song and wondered how L. Joe is doing. I’m glad he’s still well. He used to be so popular back in the days…”
  • “Oh wow, he still got it.”
  • “This oppa hasn’t changed at all (in a good way).”

Byung Hun recently signed with SidusHQ, so we may be seeing more of him soon!

Source: Instiz
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