Former THE ARK Member Jane Chun Opens Up About What Really Went Down During Their Disbandment

She revealed that nobody saw the disbandment coming.

Former THE ARK member Jane Chun recently sat down to talk about her group’s disbandment, and she shared what actually happened at that time.

Jane Chun | @j.a.n.e.c.h.u.n/Instagram

THE ARK was a 5-member group that was famous for their dance covers, and fans everywhere were excited when they were finally announced to make their debut in 2015 with the album Somebody 4 Life and accompanying title track, “The Light”.

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The group only promoted together for one year before sadly disbanding in 2016, and in a new video, member Jane Chun revealed what actually happened at the time of their disbandment.

| @j.a.n.e.c.h.u.n/Instagram

Jane has been actively communicating with her fans through her Youtube channel, and recently uploaded a video where she answered questions sent in by her viewers and fans! One of the questions she received was:

What did you feel about THE ARK disbanding?

Jane revealed that when it happened, she was devastated about the disbandment, especially because no one saw it coming. At the time, main vocalist Yujin left the group due to developing vocal nodules, and so, the remaining members Minju, EunaHalla, and Jane, practiced for their comeback as a 4-member group. Right before they were supposed to shoot for their music video, their agency gave them all a 2-week vacation, which was surprising because vacations were very rare for them to be generous about.

Our company rarely gives us any vacations. Like, once in a year rare. And it was just a day before our next music video shoot. The manager told us that we’re gonna have a two-week vacation. Just like that, a two-week vacation. So we were all hyped, we were so happy.

We were too naive to think there’s going to be a problem.

—Jane Chun

She then spoke about how the members were off enjoying their vacation individually, and came back ready and pumped to give their new comeback their best. When they returned to the agency, however, bad news awaited all of them, as their CEO told them that they were disbanding the group.

I was off to Japan with my family and they [the members] were all back to their homes. We sent each other selfies, we Facetimed each other, saying ‘I’m doing this’ and ‘I’m doing that’. And then we came back.

The CEO called us one by one, and he told us that we’re going to disband. Just like that.

—Jane Chun

Jane talked about how much the members all cried together that day, and eventually just began singing together while crying for the last time. She then said that while she was sad at the time, she’s absolutely fine now, and is just glad for the experience she gained as a part of THE ARK!

I felt sad, but I wouldn’t blame anyone. Things happen for a reason, I guess. I’m just happy that I got the chance to be a part of THE ARK, really.

—Jane Chun

Jane is active on her Instagram and her Youtube channel. You can watch her talk about THE ARK’s disbandment here!