Former BIG 3 Entertainment Trainee Reveals Everything About: SM, YG, JYP

This former trainee revealed what life was like training under globally renowned K-Pop labels, such as JYP, YG and SM Entertainment.

The former trainee didn’t reveal which company he used to train with, but he revealed that it was one of the big 3 entertainments that everyone dreams of entering.

He started training back in 2008 after being street cast by the agency’s scouts.

As a student and a trainee, he attended training sessions after school every day.

He would often be excused from his last class because he was a trainee.

He would arrive at the agency at 12 pm every day, sign in for attendance, and practice on his own for 3 hours.

From 4 pm to 8 pm, he attended classes for dancing, acting, vocal training, and manners.

After the classes finished, the trainees would practice individually until 9 pm.

But many trainees usually stayed much longer to practice because of their determination to debut.

Source: The Boston Globe

He also revealed that one idol who now debuted used to practice without sleeping at least 3 times a week.

The former trainee also revealed that the company divided their trainees into a “debut class” and “regular class”.

Source: The Boston Globe

The “debut class” usually consisted of about 20 trainees and the other class usually had about 50 to 60 trainees.

The “debut class” signed trainee contracts with the company and were given more attention and care through individual monitoring systems.

He recalled that a “debut class” trainee appeared in the label’s girl group’s Japanese MV before making his debut.

Those who perform well would advance onto an “artist contract” which meant that they are debuting soon.

Trainees were not paid to practice, but they were given a place to stay along with dinner each day if they lived 2~3 hours away from the company.

He also revealed that trainees who trained for a long time but fail to debut experience a lot of stress from the uncertainty.

And some decide to leave before debuting, giving up on the years of training that they have put in so far.

But in those cases, the label recommended and introduced alternative options to help the trainee continue on with their training somewhere else.

After hearing the details of his life as a trainee, netizens are speculating that he trained with S.M. Entertainment.

It’s very interesting to know the daily lives of a big 3 agency trainee!