Former BIG 3 Trainee Talks About Idols Dating Within The Company

This former trainee revealed what it was like to train and date under globally renowned K-Pop labels, such as JYP, YG and SM Entertainment.

This former trainee revealed that he used to train under one of the big 3 companies in Korea: JYP, YG, and SM.

He revealed that the trainees would get evaluated on their performances twice a week, once in two weeks and on a monthly basis.

They would practice for 3~4 days and get evaluated on their progress in front of many people including a plastic surgeon!

He revealed that they often compete as a group and in extreme cases, the losing team has to leave for good.

In addition, he revealed one thing that everyone wanted to find out: whether female and male trainees get to spend some time together.

This former trainee revealed that trainees would all meet together twice a week to practice group dance.

He revealed that there was no strict rule not to date each other, but there were rules to comply.

“If you want to date, you can date, but don’t get caught and you have to focus on training no matter what.”

— Former Trainee

However, he expressed that it is not something easy to do, because of the busy schedule that trainees go through each day.

He expressed that the competitive atmosphere among trainees can make dating extremely hard, because the couple can put in a different team at a monthly evaluation, and they have to compete and can end up fighting.

In addition, the classes ended at different times for males and female trainees, so there were not many chances for trainees to see each other.

Find out more about how it’s like to be a trainee in the video below: