Former CLC Member Seungyeon Picks The Worst And Best Stage Outfits She’s Ever Worn

Both outfits came from the same era.

Former CLC members Sorn and Seungyeon reunited to take a look at some of their past stage outfits. Because Sorn had already rated some of her past ones, it was Seungyeon’s turn to rate her own by choosing the best and worst looks.

Seungyeon | @seung_monkey/Instagram

For Seungyeon’s worst stage outfit, she chose a look from their “Hobgoblin” era.

Even though she pulled it off at the time, Seungyeon wasn’t feeling the unique mashup of styles, especially the bra underneath the mesh crop top.

Seungyeon rated it a low score of three out of ten. Funnily enough, her best outfit was from the same era.

While the other stage outfit was made to stand out, this one was much more relaxed.

Wearing a white crop top, light-wash distressed jeans, and black heels, Seungyeon looked sexy and carefree.

Seungyeon rated the stage outfit a solid eleven out of ten, going off the charts.

But altogether it was really suitable. There was a sexy look to it. There was also a pure feel to it too.

— Seungyeon

Watch Seungyeon rate a few of her past CLC stage outfits with Sorn.