Former CLC Member Seungyeon Exposes Sorn’s Embarrassing Drinking Habits

Sorn wasn’t ready to see Seungyeon imitate the drunk version of her 😂

Although CLC‘s time ended, that didn’t stop the group from being as close as ever. Former members Sorn and Seungyeon reunited with Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi, who used to be a Cube Entertainment trainee, and shared some of their drinking habits. Because Ashley Choi wondered how Sorn acts when she’s drunk, Seungyeon was willing to answer.

Seungyeon revealed that Sorn was “so cute” after she had too many drinks and shared some of her adorable habits.

Ashley Choi hit the nail on the head when thinking Sorn would “have a lot of aegyo.” Seungyeon imitated drunk Sorn, saying, “She has so much aegyo.” That was far from the only cute habit Sorn had.

Taking the thought right out of Ashley Choi’s mind, Seungyeon added, “Her tongue gets shorter.” By then, Sorn couldn’t hold back her laughter at being described so well.

Sorn was even more amused when Seungyeon said, “Her eyes get drowsy.” Sorn laughed while hiding behind her hands.

If you’ve ever wondered if Sorn is just as cute when drunk, Seungyeon confirmed that she’s even cuter.

Sorn | @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

Watch Seungyeon lay out all the adorably embarrassing ways Sorn acts when she’s drunk.