Former DIA Member Finally Confesses Why She Really Left The Group

She explained why she decided to quit being an idol and left DIA.

Since leaving the group, Jo Seung Hee, a former member of DIA, had a busy career as an actress last year.

She has appeared in drama projects such as The Unusual Family, Wednesday 3:30 PM, 109 Strange Things, Bravo My Life and recently, My First Love. 

She has maintained a bright outlook despite a few downfalls in the industry as an entertainer in the earlier part of her career.

“I did not dismantle the team while I was working with Five Dolls. After that, I went back as a trainee and rehearsed for a year and a half. If I appeared on the show today as a celebrity, I had to be evaluated by the end of the month as a trainee.

I was also able to debut as part of DIA. I cannot say I was a leader at that time but cannot express my conerns because I have a confusion in my identity for a long time. It was also the situation that the contract period was expired at the time, so I left the company, finished the drama I was doing and took the year off.”

She was able to make use of her own time and even got a sommelier certification! She eventually managed to make her own arrangements and started acting again.

“It was a long time and I could not stop because I love it. I can smile because I can do the acting that I want to do now. “

There had been some prejudice because she was a former idol turned actress. However, she was determined to earn positive remarks for her acting than focus on the hateful comments.

But it seems like Seung Hee managed to prove them wrong!