Former Female Idols Just Revealed Inhumane Mistreatment By Former Agency

Injuries and sexual harassment were ignored by the agency:

KBS Joy‘s Coin Law Room is a show where clients can come and meet with a lawyer, discuss their case, and receive a consultation. Their most recent clients have been gaining a lot of attention after everyone found out the horrible and inhumane treatment they suffered.


On March 13, two female clients came on the show to talk about the treatment they received from their former agency. The two started off the talk by revealing that even basic necessities were hard to come by.

“They provided us with rice but there were bugs in it. If we wanted to eat the rice we had to pick out every bug. Our parents paid them for expenses but they still cut off our electricity and water. We even had to go to a local barbershop just to wash our hair.”

— Former Girl Group Members


It wasn’t just the fact that the girls had no electricity or water that prompted them to seek help. In the three years they promoted together, they didn’t have a space to use and most things weren’t provided by the company.

“In the 3 years we promoted, our manager, food, and transport were not provided by the company. We didn’t even have an office. Instead, we had to use coffee shops or fast food places.”

— Former Girl Group Members


Their former agency also didn’t seem to care for the members’ well-being. The two shared that they had once been in an accident and were never taken to get medical treatment.

“One time while we were on our way to an event in Busan, we were in a car accident. The car was damaged and our necks hit the inside of the car 3 times. Despite this, they continued to speed to the event. When we informed them multiple times that our necks hurt they didn’t do anything, even after the event was over and we were back in Seoul.”

— Former Girl Group Members


Unattended injuries weren’t the only factor that showed the agency didn’t care for their safety. They reported that not only did they perform in areas they felt unsafe, but they were also often sexually harassed as well.

“We would have to perform in clubs filled with cigarette smoke and when we met the men there, they would touch our butts or stroke our thighs. When we told our CEO all he said was that they do it because we’re cute like their daughters.”

— Former Girl Group Members


Unfortunately, the girls also found out they had never received proper payment for all their hard work even after suffering through all that inhumane treatment.

“For 3 years we did about 500 events. When we asked other girl groups, they said event fees start around 5 million won per event. After we left the CEO even changed cars.”

— Former Girl Group Members


Currently, the agency in question is unknown but netizens are ready to rally behind these girls so they can finally have justice.

Source: MBC News