[★TRENDING] Korean Girl Undergoes Sex-Change To Become A Man

Lee Tae Kyun was famous for his lovely visuals, but now he’s famous for his breathtakingly handsome looks!

Almost 10 years ago, he was featured on TV as a beautiful girl who also pulled off a boyish charm.

Since then, he’s been taking male hormone shots to completely change his looks into a man.

And he’s looking as fine as the top visual idols in K-Pop!

With his distinctive features and a charismatic aura, Lee Tae Kyun has garnered admirers from all over the world!

While his new name is Lee Tae Kyun, he still refers to himself as Jung Da Eun online!

Currently, he’s been working as a television personality on programs that showcase a variety of visuals.

He also spends his days as a DJ…


… and the father to some of the cutest cats!

He’s enjoying life to the fullest with his idol-like visuals and amazing talent!