(★TRENDING) Former Girl Group Member Quitting Music, Reveals She Once Battled Drug Addiction

She came to Korea to fix her life.

Former Fiestar member Cheska revealed through her Instagram today that she would be quitting music for good due to the amount of stress creating music was giving her.


Even though she said she had a lot of fun doing music, the stress was beginning to kill her, and she decided the damage to her confidence and happiness was not worth continuing music for.

Cheska said she would still meet her fans through live streams on Twitch.tv and during her most recent stream, she revealed very personal details about her life.


She talked about her pre-debut days, where she revealed she battled drug and pill addiction.

Because of her drug addiction, she chose to move to Korea and fix her life, ultimately debuting with Fiestar in 2012.


During her time in America before debuting, she also she mentioned would often smoke marijuana, but has not done so since moving to Korea 7 years ago.


She talked about how prevalent marijuana is in Korea, even though it is a banned substance with harsh punishments.

Cheska made note of both CJamm and Bill Stax (Vasco), who were both arrested for using marijuana recently.


You can find Cheska’s twitch stream here.