Former Girl Group Member Reveals Just How Scripted K-Pop Audition Shows Can Be

She gave her experiences to help fans of audition shows understand what happens.

Former Blady member Tina, who now goes by Soobeanie on YouTube, made a video in which she discusses how scripted/rigged K-Pop audition shows may be. This video came right on time since Produce X 101 has been facing backlash and investigation for allegedly manipulating the votes of the final lineup.

Soobeanie was a contestant on K-Pop Star Season 2, and she said that the writers on that show specifically would ask contestants to say and/or rephrase things so as to better fit in with the story they wanted to tell.

It’s not like you’re saying something that’s false, but basically for certain parts to go on air they might be filming that part again so in that way it is scripted, because it’s not like they ask you naturally.

When a fan asked if the winning trainees were selected beforehand, she said it’s a little true, but not for the reason some may think. In order to make for better television, trainees with bigger followings and exposure will often go further in the competition, resulting in their fanbase watching the show more.

I don’t think they’re selected at the way beginning, but I think [by] the mid-point… I feel like they do choose a couple of people.

As far as whether or not the votes are manipulated, Soobeanie said that there’s no way to know what happens behind closed doors, but since money is involved the voting system is definitely unfair.

Watch Soobeanie’s entire video below where she answers all of the burning questions fans have about audition shows: