Former Girl Group Members Make Shocking Reveal That They Never Got Paid for Their 4 Years of Activities

They went to 500 different events in the span of 4 years but didn’t get paid for any of them.

On the most recent episode of MBC’s True Story, Baby Boo‘s Dayul and Daon appeared as former girl group members and shared their shocking story.

Both Dayul and Daon were active as girl group members up until August of last year. On the show, they both stressed, “During our 4 years of activities, we went to around 500 different events. But we haven’t gotten paid by our CEO for any of them.

In addition, they revealed, “There were safety bars in the window of our dorm, but it was so loose that one whole person could go through. Our CEO also pressured us to undergo surgery and diet. He didn’t pay for any of our lessons either.

What’s also shocking is that their contract never specified the contract duration as the fields were simply left empty.

Given the circumstances, the show predicts that their ankles are tied down by their contract and even referred to their unfortunate situation as being a “slave girl group”.


Source: Dispatch