Former Girl’s Day Member Reveals She Suffered For Years After Leaving The Group

She called it “getting lost” after quitting the group.

Former Girl’s Day member Lee Ji In (Jiin) appeared on the latest episode of I Can See Your Voice 5 and surprised the audience with her still amazing voice!


Lee Ji In revealed her identity when Leeteuk asked her to introduce herself to the viewers. While she seemed nervous to speak in front of an audience again, she took a breath and shared her story.


She explained it has been 13 years since she debuted and first appeared on TV. She finally revealed to that she was one of the debut members of now four-membered girl group, Girl’s Day.

“It’s been 13 years since I debuted. I used to be a part of the girl group Girl’s Day.” — Lee Ji In


This reminded the guests that Girl’s Day in fact started off as a five-member group in 2010, when the group promoted its debut title “Kyawooddung (Tilt My Head)”.


In September 2010, 2 months after the release of Girl’s Day’s first album, Lee Ji In decided to leave the group to become an actress. Back then, Dream Tea Entertainment stated Lee Ji In would withdraw from the group as per her wishes, to focus on auditioning for drama and movie roles.


However, Lee Ji In shared her pursuit of an acting career did not come easy.

“After I quit Girl’s Day, I got lost and had a lot of trouble getting back on track.” — Lee Ji In


She worked several part time jobs, including modeling and as a cashier.

“I took whatever I could. I was a part time model, part time cashier at a convenience store, and a part time employee at a PC cafe.” — Lee Ji In


Yet Lee Ji In didn’t mind because “it meant getting closer to the dream of acting” and she was able to “overcome the difficulties throughout the years.”


She wished for the audience’s undivided love and support, as she continues chasing her only dream.

“I won’t forget how I feel on stage right now. I will keep working hard and doing my best to achieve my goal of becoming a successful actress, so please support me, thank you!” — Lee Ji In


Check out her performance that wowed the audience here:

Source: Dispatch and Star News