Former Idol Faces Racist Attack In Japan For Being Korean, He says it’s far too common

Former Actor and an Afreeca TV BJ Minsung experienced something absolutely terrible in a subway platform in Osaka.

As a part of his live broadcast, Minsung was filming himself on a subway platform in Osaka.

All of a sudden, a Japanese man approached Minsung and started swearing at him.

“He first gave me the middle finger as he said ‘Shut up, f*cker”.”

— Minsung

At first, Minsung avoided the confrontation by ignoring him, but the Japanese man continued the brutal harassment.

When the man refused to leave him alone, Minsung confronted him about his unacceptable behavior.

Minsung: What are you doing?

Man: You! Do you want to go to the police?

Minsung: Why? Why? Why are you cursing at me?”

The man looked puzzled after realizing that Minsung can speak fluent Japanese.

Minsung eventually decided to take the high road by walking away.

“Hold it in. Hold it in, Minsung.

Nothing good will come out of fighting him here.”

— Minsung

He explained that he frequently experiences racist attacks in Osaka simply because he is Korean.

Minsung also revealed that many Koreans who experience racist attacks refrain from reporting it to the police due to fear of being banned from visiting the country again.

Minsung claimed that Japanese police have been known to protect their citizens first. 

He later said that possible deportation and banned entry could take place to any Korean who reports racist abuse.

Netizens were furious over the attack but praised Minsung’s peaceful resolution tactics.

“The Korean haters in Japan can’t say anything when confronted in person.”

“He seems pretty drunk.”

“Good job Minsung!”

“Wherever you go, there are people who think they are invincible when they are drunk, these people need to be lectured.”

Source: Youtube

Minsung debuted back in 2008 under a male band called Larkish.

Since then, he’s turned his career towards acting and broadcasting live on AfreecaTV.

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Watch Minsung’s full clip below.

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