Former Idol Reveals How Fancams Get Perfect Eye Contact From Idols

Here’s how fansites get idols to wink and smile at them.

Whenever you watch a fancam, there’s often a time where the idol that’s being filmed will make a gesture to the camera. Whether it’s a wink or a smile, idols always do a bit of fan service when they can. Due to how spot-on they can be, fans have always wondered how the idol can spot the fancams from afar.

Thanks to former Blady member Tina, who now runs her own YouTube channel soobeanie_, Soo Bin has finally solved the mystery for fans.

What gives fansites away is the camera they carry. Since they have such long lenses attached to their cameras, idols can spot them from far away. When it comes to filming a fancam, they have to do a little extra to be noticed, though.

Because they’re typically only following one member, they get their attention with an electronic sign. Soobin explained, “Basically, they will take out their cellphone or an iPad, and they would write something like this.”

It’s not as simple as writing a member’s name on their phone. There’s specific timing to make it efficient.

The first method is for the fansite to show the sign at the start of the performance. “Most of the time, they would actually write your name like this, and they will show you right before you are about to perform. So, you are aware sometimes of who might be filming you.”

The second method was to hold up one of their hands when the member sang their part. Imagine holding a massive, expensive camera with one single hand and raising the other. Fansites truly do have skill.

A lot of the people who want to get a good fancam and want to get the idol to look at their fancam here and there, they will actually be raising this or, when it’s your part, they will actually raise their hand behind their camera. And, you know that they are filming you.

Thanks to Soobin for spilling the tea, now everyone knows the secret behind the eye contact and cute gestures that idols give fancams.

Giving a sweet smile and a wink, she said, “That is kind of, I guess, a secret. Because I know a lot of you guys who watch fancams might realize that sometimes the idols do spot their fancam… to give them a ‘Hi,’ or a wink. You know, all of that stuff.”

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