Former Idol Reveals Why So Many Groups Are Disbanding Now

A few days ago, XANDER opened up to fans about his feelings on the disbandment of so many K-Pop groups.

The former U-KISS member took to Twitter to shed some light on the reason so many great groups are breaking up. This year the list has included 2NE1Secret, and 4MINUTE, among others. While some groups disbanded for personal reasons, others disbanded because of “the seven year curse”, which is a nickname for the fact that the last generation of K-Pop groups were all on a 7-year-long contract, and it’s finally coming to an end.

The following series of tweets come from XANDER’s heart, empathizing with and comforting fans. He even gives a small, but powerful, piece of advice.

The responses to the posts have been overwhelmingly positive, with many fans thanking XANDER for his comforting message.

Need more XANDER in your life? You can see him in the drama, Moorim School, which aired earlier this year.

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