Former Idol Reveals The Worst Thing About ISAC, And It’s Not What You’re Thinking Of

You would never guess that THIS was the reason that some idols had a difficult time at the ISAC.

Former MADTOWN member H.O, who has been keeping himself busy as a BJ, revealed the worst thing about the MBC Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) on his popular stream H.O Tube.


H.O first explained the process of filming for the ISAC, which is an all-day affair.

You arrive on location at 6 AM, and you change into a training suit and wait in the waiting room. After a while, you go to film the opening ceremonies. Then you come back to the waiting room and just wait around.

— H.O


The day consists of a lot of waiting. Whether you are waiting to observe an event, or waiting to compete in an event, you end up waiting all day.

You wait for the set to be prepared. Then if you have a member from your group participating in an event, you wait until he is done competing.

— H.O


Although waiting around is difficult, according to H.O, the hardest thing about the ISAC is actually just sitting down!

The most difficult thing about the day is that you have to sit on the floor during events. You end up sitting all day long.

— H.O


H.O then gave a few tips on how to make it a little easier on yourself if you are ever at the ISAC.

The secret is baby powder. You have to put it on your butt. Also, the floor is really cold, so you need to bring a cushion or a blanket.

— H.O


Despite the difficulties of filming, H.O explained why idols keep coming back.

It’s hard on the fans as well as the idols competing in the events. But the show gets good ratings so you have to go.

— H.O


But H.O says that the ISAC is not all bad. During the many times you are waiting, you can catch up with old friends and fans.

There are a lot of people that you get close to while training to debut, or while promoting. If you lost the contact information of some of these people, you can meet them there and exchange numbers. The ISAC is a great place to meet people.

— H.O


Check out a clip from his stream below: