Former Idol Exposes How Idols Secretly Ask Eachother Out, And Go On Dates

MADTOWN’s H.O revealed an inside secret about idol life

Former MADTOWN member H.O revealed the secrets of idol dating on his popular stream H.O Tube!


H.O started off by sharing that idols usually meet on music shows.

“If you go to a music show broadcast, you will run into people even if you don’t want to. There, you can fall for someone at first sight. It’s not different from normal people.” — H.O


He explained that as idols, if you become interested in another idol, you just have to ask around until you find a mutual acquaintance.

“If you want their contact info, then you ask a friend, then a friend’s friend, then a friend’s friend’s friend. If you do that, someone will come up. Because many idols have trained at numerous companies, you will find someone eventually.” — H.O


Many idols do not have cell phones. But even if this is the case, there are other ways to make contact.

“Even if they don’t have a cell phone, you can find a way to contact the idol you’re interested in. Technology is so good these days, there is wi-fi no matter where you go.” — H.O


Once you get their contact info, all you have to do is send them a message, and hope for the best.

“After you get their contact information, you would just send a message saying ‘I’m this person from this group.’ If they are interested in you, they will respond. If they aren’t interested, you probably won’t get a response.” — H.O


If you do receive a response, then you can make plans on meeting in person.

“If you do get a response, then you would just ask, ‘on this day, if you don’t have anything scheduled, would you like to meet for coffee?’ That’s how it starts.” — H.O


Finally, H.O revealed that some idols that live in dorms would go through extreme measures in order to go on their dates.

“If you live in a dorm, then you have to do whatever it takes to sneak out. I’ve heard of some people jumping out of their windows, climbing down gas lines, and escaping their dorms like ninjas to go on their dates.” — H.O


Check out a clip from the stream below:

Source: Dispatch and Wikitree