This Former Idol Is A Splitting Image Of “Meteor Garden” Actor Darren Chen

They look exactly the same.

 Alexander Lee, formerly of U-KISS, may have found his doppleganger that even got his own sister agreeing to the resemblance. 


His tweet captured the attention of his fans after he shared this uncanny resemblance to Taiwanese actor, Darren Chen (Guan Hong). 


He even shared a capture of his sister’s text saying, “Holyyyy…. Is that you?” 


Guan Hong is currently famous for his role as Hua Ze Lei in the 2018 remake of Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden. 



The 2018 remake, available on Netflix, has been proven popular across Asia. Even their own fans are agreeing to this uncanny resemblance. 


It must be the hair. Long lost siblings maybe?