Former Idol Trainee Alongside IU Reveals How A Fortune-Teller Saved Their Lives

IUs success was written in the stars.

Travel writer and translator Gina Maeng recently talked about an interesting story involving her and IU on her YouTube channel! Gina Maeng was an idol trainee for 12 years under LOEN Entertainment (IU’s former company) and many other entertainment companies until she eventually left the industry for various reasons.

| Gina Everywhere/YouTube

She made a quick video as she remembered a story that she thought many people would be interested in. It is the story of how a fortune-teller saved her and IU’s lives back in 2011.

According to Gina, the CEO of LOEN Entertainment went to a fortune-teller at the very beginning of the company’s history. This was before they had even debuted any names, as all of the artists were just rookies. He asked the fortune-teller if his company would succeed.

Apparently, the fortune-teller told him that the first singer of his company would become a nation-wide household name. But, the fortune-teller also said that when that happens, the president must move. The moment the artist becomes big, pack up and leave without looking back.

—Gina Maeng

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IU then, of course, became a huge star with her song “Good Day.” Gina explains that one day they went to the company, and everyone was packing. Confused, they started asking questions, but the president simply told them that they were moving right now and to start packing.

After they had moved to a new building, Gina revealed that there was a huge landslide from the mountain right behind the old agency building.

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It wiped out the company building completely. Dirt and mud filled up the recording studio and practice rooms that were in the basement. If there were people inside that building, they probably would have died.

—Gina Maeng

During the summer of 2011, Seoul witnessed a series of deadly floods and landslides, killing over 77 people.


IU truly always has luck on her side!