Former Japanese Member Of Female Idol Group Reveals CEO Sexually Harassed Her

I.C.E’s Yuna revealed she was mistreated by her agency and sexually harassed by her agency’s CEO.

Yuna was a Japanese member of the rookie K-Pop idol group I.C.E, but returned to Japan due to problems with her agency, HS Entertainment.

In a recent interview with a Japanese magazine, Yuna revealed the horrors she experienced with HS Entertainment.

Image Source: Freeze!

“I didn’t receive any pay, nor did I receive funds for traveling. They didn’t even have enough funds to help my livelihood in our dorms, so I had to live off the allowance my parents gave me.”

— I.C.E’s Tono Yuna

Furthermore, Yuna revealed the agency’s CEO sexually harassed her by touching her inner thigh and stomach.

Image Source: Freeze!

However, she never said anything in case it jeopardized her career, and kept quiet about it until now.

“I endured it so that I could be successful.”

— I.C.E’s Tono Yuna

Yuna also explained that she returned to Japan after terminating her contract with the agency because they failed to provide her with a visa.

When Dispatch contacted the agency, they completely denied everything and claimed they applied for her visa last December.

Source: Dispatch