Former KARA Member Nicole Reveals Why She Can’t Listen To Any Of Her English Raps

When she hears a KARA song with her rap in it, she hits the skip button.

Despite lineup changes and KARA‘s disbandment after nearly ten years together, there’s one thing that fans will always have: their music.

In a hilarious interview with MMTG‘s Jae Jae, Nicole revealed that there were parts of some KARA songs that she just couldn’t bear to listen to.

Prepared with a large notebook of evidence, Jae Jae pointed out the interesting fact that Nicole wrote many of her raps for KARA in English but didn’t receive any writing credits for them. That’s when Nicole admitted, “I rarely listen to the songs that have English rap.

Before bursting into laughter, Nicole revealed that she couldn’t believe how she could’ve written such lyrics so long ago. “It’s too embarrassing.” There was another reason why she couldn’t enjoy listening to them.

Taking Jae Jae by surprise, Nicole thought her rap skills back then weren’t up to par, “I don’t have any skill in rapping, so…

When Jae Jae read aloud the first part of Nicole’s English rap lyrics for “Honey”, she wasn’t ready: “Hey baby, my little honey.” Nicole covered her ears and tried to get as far away from hearing it as possible.

Although the lyrics may come off as a little over the top with its sweetness in 2020, Nicole revealed that the composer of the song let her include it because it “sounds cool.” To be fair, he wasn’t wrong at the time.

Even though Nicole can’t stand listening to her past English raps in KARA’s songs, they were all iconic in their own right.


Watch Nicole’s adorably embarrassed reaction to hearing Jae Jae read the lyrics, along with the original rap here.