Former K-Pop Idol Answers Burning Questions You May Have About Stylists

She reveals her own experiences and thoughts on K-Pop stylists.

Former Crayon Pop member Way answers fans questions regarding K-Pop idol stylists and the type of work that they do.



Have you ever seen male idols dating their stylists?

She reveals that she has seen this happen before between a male idol and a female stylist. She thinks that it can happen because they are always together and the stylist also sometimes acts as their manager, taking care of all their needs. Especially in the case of rookie idol groups, they don’t have someone to really share their struggles with besides their stylist/manager and so these relationships can happen. She also states that although not super common, it is still something that happens in this industry.




Are stylists the ones that decide if a girl idol group will wear revealing clothes?

It could be the stylist that chooses the outfits or the company who picks the concepts for the groups. If a member of the group really does not like the concept, they can usually discuss with the company and makes changes if necessary.




Do idols show their body for clothing that needs help when put on?

The idols wear the clothes themselves most of the time. There aren’t really that many cases where you have to show your body to the stylist since most are worn on top of undergarments.




Do idols wash their own undergarment shorts or do the stylists do that?

Idols bring their own undergarments to the shows and take it back home to wash it themselves. But sometimes there are certain underpants that go with a stage outfit. In that case, the stylist will take care of it.




Is it true that idols sometimes fight with stylists if an outfit is strange?

There are times when I think, “Does she not like me?” because of the type of outfits, but it’s not usually something that turns into a fight. It’s usually because the stylist lacks skills as a stylist or it could be because the concept is a bit too high-fashion for an idol group. It could also be because they were short on time and didn’t have time to let the idol try it on before choosing it.




How do idols change outfits so fast during concerts?

There are usually temporary changing rooms back stages so that they can change immediately after coming down from the stage. If there are no changing rooms back stage, they will turn on a video in between to create enough time for the members to run to the waiting room to do an outfit change.




Do idols discuss with stylists when members’ outfits are all different?

If they are all different outfits, the stylist usually chooses the outfits for the members.




Have you ever been jealous of another members outfit or hairstyle?

She has seen several cases of this happening in other groups but for her personally, she didn’t experience much of this because they all wore the same outfits after their debut song.




What is the system for confirming outfits for performances?

Usually after the company chooses a concept, they let the stylist make a decision in the outfits. As long as there are no major problems, the agency goes with the final decision of the stylist.




Who keeps the stage outfits? Idols or the stylist?

Idols usually wear a single outfit more than once. If they wore it for the music video, they will probably wear it again at least once for a music performance. After they are done with the outfits, they will send it to the cleaners then keep it at the company.




Do you get sponsorships for award ceremony dresses or do you buy them?

Most of the dresses for these events are sponsored by various designers. If you don’t want to receive a sponsorship you can buy the dress that you like instead. But most of the time they are sponsored and the percentage of someone actually buying it are very low.




Here’s a pic of Crayon Pop with Fashion Killa Stylist Koo Dong Hyun!




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