Former Idol DPR IAN Exposes The Mental And Physical Disorders Caused By The K-Pop Industry

His years as a K-Pop idol were far from smooth sailing.

During DPR IAN‘s interview for the Zach Sang Show, he discussed who he is now as an artist and reflected on his past years in the K-Pop industry as an idol. He revealed their lives aren’t always glitz and glamour, exposing the long-lasting negative effects that can result from being a K-Pop idol.

DPR IAN | @dprian/Instagram

Although DPR IAN was able to gain a fanbase from his years as the leader of disbanded group C-CLOWN, he couldn’t look back on those years fondly. When talking with Zach Sang, he mentioned how naive he’d been when “signing his life away.

But Jesus… The type of stuff I had to go through in that period of time was just absolute hell.

I had no idea. I walked into the lion’s den at that point.


DPR IAN talked about the “crazy experience” of his life as an idol and how difficult it had been to adjust as a Korean Australian—especially as someone who’d never known about K-Pop beforehand. He also shared his unawareness of its strict guidelines.

Not only is it me trying to adapt to the culture of Korea, but just initially being a product. I didn’t actually think they would take that literally.


Because of how high expectations are and how harsh the industry could be, DPR IAN confirmed that it took a toll on idols’ mental health. He said, “You hear about it all the time. You hear a lot of cases of people coming out and just falling into depression.

DPR IAN noted that it took a physical toll as well. He continued, “They have all types of disorders. I mean, that’ll do that to you, for sure.” Despite his tough times, DPR IAN noticed “it’s gotten way better” for newer idols.

Listen to DPR IAN confirm that the dark side of being a K-Pop idol can leave long-lasting mental and physical disorders that many former idols and trainees have come forward to reveal.