Former K-Pop Idol And “MIXNINE” Contestant Comes Out As Lesbian — Has A YouTube Channel With Her Girlfriend

The first video was 10 months ago and they continue to share their lives.

While Korea seems to be ahead of the times with technology, music, and a lot of things, it is still quite conservative on the topic of sexuality.

It has meant that there are very few openly LGBTQIA+ idols and those within the entertainment industry. Although more celebrities have come out, it is still rare and when they do, they share the backlash they received.

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One former idol and survival show contestant surprised fans when she came out but has gained attention for her YouTube channel with her girlfriend. While she isn’t in the spotlight now, the idol was a member of the pre-debut group OAHSIS and former MIXNINE contestant Park Chohyeon.

Park Cho Hyeon’s profile for “MIXNINE”

Although she is no longer an idol, Chohyeon continues to update fans with her life.

Park Cho Hyeon now | @iamchohyeon/Instagram
| @iamchohyeon/Instagram
| @iamchohyeon/Instagram

She also revealed she had writing credits in Dreamcatcher‘s album and it’s not surprising as many known Cho Hyeon (also known as HAKU) is friends with Dami. She also has other credits and shared participation in Super Junior Seungmin‘s album.

Ten months ago, she posted a video with the caption, ” KPOP lesbian couple | korean girl group idol | marriage Photoshoot Vlog.”

In the video, Chohyeon started the video by showing a video of herself as an idol, sharing the hardships but also how happy she is now because she found her “life partner.”

She then introduced subscribers to Eunha, who is her partner.

They took some adorably romantic and also sexy AF photos together.

The finished products were absolutely beautiful and showcased their love for each other.

In other videos, the happy couple showcases their life together and in one of the earlier videos, Chohyeon reveals that at first she was reluctant to go on dating apps because of her idol career, but when she chose to move away from it.

Eunha joked that she wanted to help Chohyeon because she wanted to hear her story and thought she had no experience with girlfriends, which she hilariously denied.

After sharing the journey of their love, Chohyeon and Eunha shared the moment they became official.

Many netizens love following Chohyeon and Eunha’s love story. While she might not be in the idol industry anymore, Chohyeon seems truly happy and continues to showcase her life in Korea with her girlfriend.

Source: EUN and CHO and @iamchohyeon