Former K-Pop Idol Shares The Dark Side Of K-Pop, As Well The Unreasonable Rules Placed By Her Company

She wasn’t even allowed to meet her parents outside.

Being a K-Pop idol is no easy feat, as there are many hardships they have to endure. A YouTube channel by the name of “THE KOREA TIMES” interviewed a former K-Pop idol on her experiences. Her name is Kong Yoo Jin, and she is a former member of BONUSbaby.

Kong Yoo Jin reveals that she had to endure an insane amount of hardships during her days as an idol. One of them was the insane amount of practice her group had to do. She ended up doing some damage to her body due to all the practices.

The schedule was always hectic for her, where the group had to wake up extremely early to go to music broadcasts. The group would also always practice until the early morning, so they only got a couple of hours of sleep.

Weight was also a big emphasis placed by their company, where there were regulations on how much the members could weigh. It was so emphasized, to the point where the company would weigh them multiple times a day.

Kong Yoo Jin even chose to starve herself because she was so concerned about gaining weight.

The company also restricted the members from being able to meet their families.

Even things like leisurely being on their phones were restricted.

She wanted to tell everything to her parents, but she chose to just endure through it all.

Due to all these hardships, Kong Yoo Jin’s depression got deeper.

Kong Yoo Jin eventually left the company, and quit being an idol. However, she experienced some hardships once she left.

After some time, Kong Yoo Jin now sees her days as an idol as an experience that made her stronger. She now desires to be a music teacher.

Here is the full video below!