Former K-Pop Idol Shares Top 5 Worst Idol Experiences

Here are her top 5!

Crayon Pop’s Way revealed on her YouTube channel “Wayland” the 5 worst idol experiences she has encountered while being a K-Pop idol.

5. The sadness of being unknown.

Way explained that in the beginning, because they were a lesser known group, they were treated like invisible human beings. She also revealed that they were called out for their ‘inappropriate’ attire by a famous celebrity. The celebrity told them that they couldn’t be on TV by wearing clothes like that. She always wondered what it was they did so wrong that people would treat them like that.

4. Hate comments stemmed from misunderstandings.

She goes into detail about how idol groups should always be careful of their actions after they debut. However, it’s a different story when the event or photo is taken the wrong way by fans and viewers.

3. Famous or Unknown

Because a lot of time and money go into becoming an idol, it can be tough if they do not succeed in becoming a popular group. Way talks about how there are many idols who spend a lot of money only to give up in the end, left with nothing but debt. Even if an album does well, there is no guarantee that the next one will succeed as well.

2. Health

Even if they are not a famous idol group or just a trainee, they are still required to wake up early and practice. She recalls practicing so much that her feet were on fire and that she would end up having to massage her legs every night due to all the practicing that day.

1. Being Hurt by Close People

Although she can take hate comments from people, she cannot take hate from the people that are the closest to her. She was called in by her company several times as they scolded her on her behavior.

Luckily, there are good things that can come from being an idol! Keep a look out for Way’s part 2 video that will cover the Top 5 best idol experiences.

Meanwhile, take a look at the full video below.