Former K-Pop Idol Reveals The Strict Visual Standards Placed On Idols, And Why It Is So Challenging

It can be tough for a lot of idols!

When it comes to being a K-Pop idol, there is a certain expectation to look a certain way all of the time. No matter what time or their schedule, there is some unwritten rule that idols look stunning.

In the latest video on her YouTube channel, former Blady member Tina (now more commonly known as Soobin or Christine Park) discussed just how strict that idea of looking a certain way is, along with other beauty standards in the industry.

Former Blady member Tina | @soobeanie_/ Instagram

Tina pointed out that, for most rookie idols or those from smaller companies, it can take a while for them to make money or earn a reasonable salary from their career. Yet, despite this, there was always some expectation to look a certain way at all times.

I remember a constant struggle that I had was when we would have small meetings or interviews. If we weren’t using a stylist, we would have to wear our own clothes. Up until I debuted, I only had practice clothes. After you debut, you have to have some clothes you will be wearing for certain events.

— Tina

It was extremely stressful for Tina as she didn’t much money and didn’t get gifted items like the more popular groups. Because of this, she recalled having to go to budget stores with her members to find something seen as “presentable” and looks good.

As expected, Tina explained how stressful it was for her to look a certain way all the time. Not only was her clothes scrutinized, but also her choice of footwear.

In particular, she recalled a sad memory that stuck in her mind. This idea of fully looking “the part,” even down to the smallest detail, became apparent during a salon trip.

When it was time to get changed, my stylist said, ‘Soobin, you need to buy new shoes.’ When I asked why, she just said, ‘It looks so dirty and run down.’ At the time, I was really embarrassed and just wanted to hide.

— Tina

For idols, the constant pressure to always look flawless is something that is expected. In particular, for artists who may not have the resources to stay up-to-date with trends, this expectation can be challenging.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: soobeanie_