Former K-Pop Idol Way Reveals Celebrities Top Secrets To Looking Good On Camera

All the secrets you need to know!

Former K-Pop idol Crayon Pop’s Way revealed some of the beauty secrets celebrities used to look good on camera.

Let’s take a look at some of her tips!

First and foremost is skincare and face.She reveals that because the camera captures all the little details that it’s important to do basic skincare steps as well as drink water and get plenty of rest. Aside from basic skincare, you might also notice staff always patting and fixing celebrities’ faces. That’s because they are constantly blurring the smile lines and dark circles that may appear over time.

Another important factor of the face is teeth. Going through with whitening procedures can drastically chance the look of the face, giving it a brighter and clear look.

Although one might not have the best features, as long as the face is symmetrical, it can give off a stable and natural look on camera. For certain areas that may need touch ups, they will sometimes use botox to fix those spots.

Body and face swelling is another thing celebrities have to deal with before going on camera. Some celebrities tend to not eat as much before a shoot in order to reduce swelling.

Posture is crucial for celebrities as it can totally change your image. Having a curved posture compared to a straight one can have a huge effect on how you come out on camera. Although it’s hard to sit up straight all the time, once it becomes habit it becomes second nature.

Because celebrities have all different styles of hair and head shapes, it’s important to find a hairstyle that matches you. Some might add volume underneath to create the illusion of a smaller face while some use fake hairpieces to make a more voluminous hairstyle.

Check out the full video below!