Former K-Pop Idol Speaks On The Rough Treatment She Had To Endure

The company wouldn’t let her meet her dad.

Being a K-Pop idol is not easy and the most difficult parts are usually seen away from the public. A former idol discussed the harsh conditions she had to endure when she was an idol. Way, who was a former member of Crayon Pop, revealed parts of her past life.

One of the more difficult things that Way had to endure as an idol was changing the way she acted. Having to always smile and never cause drama are examples of these actions she had to engrain in herself.

The constant amount of practicing also led to damages to her body and she was given no room to work herself up to the amount of dancing she had to do.

She was also forbidden from contacting anyone without the permission of the company due to the thought that she could be dating.

This restriction was extremely strict and was even done towards people like family members.

The company got a majority of the profit whenever the group earned money and the members were left with little profit for themselves.

Way hopes that people understand the amount of work it takes to become a K-Pop idol and that there are a lot of harsh events that take place away from the public eye.

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