Former Miss Korea Winner Attempts English Questions From Korean SAT…And Shows Her Intellect

She has both the smarts and the beauty.

Kim Soo Min showed her beauty by being the winner of Miss Korea 2018. She also demonstrated her intellect by answering some English questions from the Korean SAT. She answered 8 questions from the test under a time limit.

Take the test alongside her and see how many you get correct.

Question 23.

Question 29.

Question 33.

Question 34.

Question 37.

Question 39.

Question 41.

Question 42.

Now, here are the answers to the questions, as well as what Kim Soo Min got for her answers.

Question 23 Answer.

Question 29 Answer.

Question 33 Answer.

Question 34 Answer.

Question 37 Answer.

Question 39 Answer.

Question 41 Answer.

Question 42 Answer.

How many did you get right, did you get more correct than Kim Soo Min?

Watch the full video below!