Former Miss A Member Min Reveals The Reason She Was Kicked Out Of JYP Entertainment Several Times Before Debuting

It is the reality for many trainees!

In the past, idols have made no secret of just how tough it is to be a K-Pop trainee. Even with no certainty of debuting, it feels like trainees put in hours of blood, sweat, and tears just to even have a small shot of debuting. Even though it has become more known now, it is something that has been happening for years.

Recently, former Miss A member Min sat down K-Pop soloist eSNA and spoke all about her time as a trainee at JYP Entertainment.

Like many idols, Min had a long training period and revealed that she was a trainee for around eight years, which is a long time! She also explained how she auditioned for the company by coming first place at Lotte World at 12-years-old and spent her entire career with JYP!

Despite being so young, eSNA pointed out that Min was sent to America to train, which was why her English is so good. Yet, the road to becoming part of Miss A wasn’t easy, and Min added that she was kicked out of the company several times for one particular reason.

I kind of got kicked out a lot at JYP because I was not losing weight. Yeah, they had a problem with my weight, so they were like, ‘We’re going to send you back to Korea to lose that weight.’

— Min

Although this might sound harsh, the issue of weight amongst trainees is continuously spoken about. With Mina, they took it to the extreme and even made her return home with the hope that she would lose weight. She explained, “I had to come back to Korea and lose weight and go back a few times.

Min was then asked what the moment was that made her really buckle down to debut. It seemed like the motivation came from those around her. However, it wasn’t something that happened immediately.

I was in New York, and like everyone was debuting, and they became like the Wonder Girls and 2PM. I saw them growing very successful, so I decided to get out of JYP and do other things, I was just so young. So I gave up.

— Min

After some time away, Min realized that she did want to become an idol and went directly to J.Y. Park and asked for another shot.

After that, I went to JYP again and said, ‘Give me one more chance.’ He was like, ‘I’m going to give you one more chance,’ and then I lost mad weight, I was like 45/6 kg. They were like they were preparing this group called Miss A, you would fit right in.

— Min

Min then added that she was kicked out of JYP Entertainment three times in the space of ten years due to her weight. Luckily, all of her hard work paid off, and she was eventually able to debut. However, it shows just how tough the K-Pop world is! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: esnatheperson