Former MOMOLAND Member Yeonwoo Broke Down In Tears After Confessing Her Biggest Insecurity

She believed she ranked last among the members.

During an episode of Law Of The Jungle, MOMOLAND‘s former member Yeonwoo confessed to Kim Byung Man that she doesn’t believe that she’s talented in singing or dancing.

I used to train at a agency for actors but I was cast by my current company. I was so bad at dancing and singing that I was afraid to take lessons.

— Yeonwoo

Although she lacked confidence in her skills, she continued to pursue her dream because she couldn’t give up her ambitions.

But I still wanted to do it. I wanted to do it more because I was bad at it, and it gave me a sense of responsibility.

— Yeonwoo

When Kim Byung Man asked what rank she considers herself among the (then) nine MOMOLAND members, Yeonwoo surprisingly said “last.”

I’m… last.

— Yeonwoo

This news came as a surprise for the fans, viewers and Kim Byung Man, as Yeonwoo is well known in the idol-industry for her gorgeous visuals!

Yeonwoo broke down in tears as she confessed that she considers herself last place because she’s insecure with her talents. She believes that she can do better.

It’s not that I consider myself last place because I’m not talented. It’s that I think I can do better.

That’s why I think I’m last place.

— Yeonwoo

After listening to Yeonwoo, Kim Byung Man reassured her that she has her own special talents that other people don’t have. She just needs to find her own strength and work hard to develop it well.

Don’t think you they chose you because everyone has their different strengths? Don’t you think you have your own weapon?

I may not have the answer for you, but I’m me and you’re you.

— Kim Byung Man

Yeonwoo explained that she has her insecurities because of her impatience. But Kim Byung Man gave her another advice: It’s okay to be a little impatient.

You need to be impatient. You need to be a little impatient. That’s how you discipline yourself.

— Kim Byung Man

After having a heart to heart talk with Kim Byung Man, Yeonwoo expressed how grateful she was to be able to talk to an industry senior and let all of her feeling and worries out on the table. She felt that she couldn’t burden her younger members about her problems, but she realized that she needs to become more honest with herself.

I was so thankful. I’m not very good at talking about my concerns, and I wasn’t able to talk with my member about it because I’m older.

I honestly didn’t have anywhere to vent. I couldn’t even vent to myself. I wasn’t honest with myself.

— Yeonwoo

Hopefully, Yeonwoo is able to see the amazing talent she has in herself that all of her fans are already seeing now!