Former MOMOLAND Member Taeha Reveals Why She Left The Group

Taeha also shared whether she keeps in touch with the MOMOLAND members.

Former MOMOLAND member Taeha recently did a Q&A on her YouTube channel, Taeha Drama.

One question she answered was regarding her departure from MOMOLAND. In 2019, MOMOLAND’s agency, MLD Entertainment, announced that Taeha would be leaving the group due to her wanting a new start to her career.

Taeha revealed that she left MOMOLAND so that she could express herself in her own voice.

She also shared that she doesn’t keep in touch with the MOMOLAND members as much as she would like to, as their busy schedules make it difficult. However, Taeha did reveal that she hangs out with Daisy from time to time.

She concluded by wishing the MOMOLAND members all the best and stated how much she missed them.

Here’s the full video below!