Former NEWS Member Yuya Tegoshi Critcized For His Opinion On Why BTS And TWICE Are Popular

His statement angered many fans.

Former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi is receiving heavy criticism for his statement made about the reason for BTS and TWICE’s success and popularity.

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On August 5, he released his photo essay AVALANCHE and revealed stories about his life and work as well as his thoughts about other popular idol groups. The essay gained attention as he revealed actual names of idol groups such as BTS and TWICE.

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In his essay he writes, “K-Pop is taking over the world and not Johnny’s. It’s because Korea has a national policy to promote cultural art activities and tried hard to expand into the world.”

He then goes into detail about the popularity of both BTS and TWICE and their reason for success.

BTS, who debuted in 2013, gained popularity through their performance at the Grammy’s and have shown their power on the charts through their album sales. TWICE has not only Korean but also Taiwanese and Japanese members so they can speak three languages and sing live anywhere in the world.

-Yuya Tegoshi, AVALANCHE

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He felt strongly that if NEWS or an idol from Johnny & Associate did the same, they would have been popular worldwide too. “If we studied English like BTS and had International members like TWICE, we would have been number one in the world and even made our way to the Billboard charts.”

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Fans of the mentioned groups were angered at his statement because it made it sound like K-pop groups were only popular because they had the support of their country and could speak more than one language.

Yuya Tegoshi officially left his group this June and has started his own YouTube channel.

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