Former PRISTIN Members’ New Group HINAPIA’s Agency Frustrates Fans With Subpar Promo Material

“Wow, it’s like the worst design ever.”

As soon as K-Pop fans heard the news of some former PRISTIN members coming together to re-debut as HINAPIA, their reactions included pure excitement — but unfortunately disappointment as well.


While fans are more than happy to have EunwooRoaYuha, and Rena return to the scene (with one other mystery member), they couldn’t help but notice the “below-standard quality” of AlSeulBit Entertainment‘s promotional material. In fact, when the agency dropped HINAPIA’s “Release Plan”, fans became even more worried about the group’s future.


Fans pointed out, the “poorly designed” image has been simply underwhelming, with typos like “showcace” and an overall “amateur Photoshop vibe”.


As netizens’ irritation grew, AlSeulBit Entertainment then deleted the announcement all together and tweeted that it has been taken down for reviewing and editing.

Hello, this is AlSeulBit Entertainment. The release plan posted today at 12AM has been deleted without notice for further reviewing and editing. We’ll have it back up in no time. We apologize for the confusion. Also, we will strive to become a better agency. Thank you.

— AlSeulBit Entertainment


Meanwhile, former PRISTIN and soon-to-be HINAPIA fans continue to express their frustration. One anonymous netizen even designed his/her own version of the release plan to share via online community forums, as to criticize the agency’s lack of attention to detail, investment, and effort.

Source: THEQOO