The Former “Produce 48” Trainee Who Turned Into An Internet BJ And DJ

What a transformation!

Kim Hyunah is known for her former appearance on the Produce series, having competed in Produce 48 back in 2018. She was a former trainee under Collazoo Entertainment and had previously made her debut in the short-lived girl group L.U.X before joining the Produce 48 line-up.

Kim Hyunah’s poster for “Produce 48” | Mnet

It didn’t take very long for Kim Hyunah to captivate Produce 48 viewers with her bright smile and her girl-next-door visuals. And while she managed to survive in the audition program for some time, she was eliminated in the 8th episode after ranking 46th out of the 96 contestants.

It’s already been 5 years since Produce 48 aired and Kim Hyunah’s whereabouts have been making headlines. It was first reported that the former idol transformed her career path from an idol-in-training to a female internet broadcasting jockey.

| @hyunah__95/Instagram

Broadcasting Jockeys have become a nationwide phenomenon in South Korea, as the younger generation flock to these livestream broadcasts to watch their favorite BJs’ content. From video games, to comedy, to daily life vlogs — the livestreaming website contains content from all different genres. However, amongst the many different genres are the female BJs who gain popularity for beautiful visuals.

And while this is not true for all female BJs on AfreecaTV, which is one of South Korea’s largest streaming sites, many of the female BJ population have gained viral popularity because of their racy content — including Kim Hyunah. Whether they dress in tighter clothing or dance to sexy songs, it’s been reported that female broadcasting jockeys can make an impressively high income with their live-streaming content.

| @hyunah__95/Instagram

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Millions of dollars worth of “star balloons” are exchanged back and forth daily on AfreecaTV. “Star balloons” are a digital currency that is used on the site, which is usually given to the BJs by their viewers. These balloons can then be exchanged and withdrawn for cash, allowing AfreecaTV BJs to make a sizable income from their streaming services.

| @hyunah__95/Instagram

Many BJs make a shockingly high salary from their livestreams, which may be the reason why so many people have been turning to AfreecaTV and other popular livestream websites to create online content.

| @hyunah__95/Instagram

Due to Kim Hyunah’s previous experience as an idol and idol trainee, she gained a sizable fanbase following her appearance on Produce 48 — which may be the reason why her transformation into an internet broadcast jockey made headlines across the nation.

But it seems that her transformation was well worth it, as Kim Hyunah saw some incredible social media growth following her new BJ endeavor. Her Instagram account currently has about 177,000 followers, whereas her TikTok has over 1.3 million followers.

Kim Hyunah on “AfreecaTV.”

Following her broadcast jockey days, she has also has become a highly successful DJ! She was invited to top-tier events such as the CassCool Festival…

And Waterbomb Nagoya!